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About us

Brothers Andy and Jony Jatom are passionate about the outdoors. Over the years their adventures have taken them to the wilds of the Everglades (FL), biking to Palomar Mountain (CA), and even hiking in Skagway (AK), but there was always one problem with their outdoor experiences – the lack of an efficient and comfortable way to safely continue their activities once it got dark. Recognizing the need for a more affordable, as well as more functional light source, Andy and Jony decided to create a LED light that would allow them to continue to do the things they loved once the sun went down.  A couple of years later, after lots of research and investment in the industries best materials, Shining Buddy was born. Since 2012, Shining Buddy has provided a wide variety of affordable LED lighting product for outdoor enthusiasts. Whether you are an avid runner or cyclist, beginner camper, pro fisherman, or simply enjoy walking your dog at night, it’s easy to safely enjoy activities in the dark with the Shining Buddy headlamp.


Our customers are incredibly important to us. That’s why we offer 100% customer satisfaction on all of our products, with a no questions asked money back guarantee. Staying loyal to our customer’s needs means we maintain a line of incredibly affordable LED products that are both durable and easy to use. We are excited to offer a variety of relevant products that allow active individuals to continue to enjoy doing what they love long after the sun goes down. What’s the best part of being part of this evolving industry? Seeing happy customers return to us time and again to share their positive experiences with our products!

Our Story

An avid bike rider, Jony was always on the lookout for new light devices. While living in San Diego, California he relied solely on his bike for transportation, but worried about the dangers of biking at night. Many of his friends had been in biking accidents while traveling in the dark, despite taking safety precautions such as wearing high visibility jackets. Not wanting to take any chances, Jony began to search for an easy and effective way to make biking more safe. He knew LED technology would need to be a part of the solution for higher visibility. There were already plenty of LED lights on the market, but for one reason or another, none of them ticked all the boxes. After coming to a dead end in his search for the perfect nighttime headlamp, Jony put his dedication to night cycling to the test with a self-imposed challenge – to invent a user friendly, affordable, and durable LED light with the best materials available on the market.

In 2012, Jony’s brother Andy decided to invest in his brother’s expansive knowledge of the LED light industry. In order to create a powerful light that would be cost effective to the average outdoor enthusiast, he researched and visited factories across the world to find the perfect location to manufacture his brother’s new headlamp model. As he became more and more familiar with the LED industry, he realized people were increasingly using LED headlamps to replace the classic flashlights at home, work and for outdoor activities. Recognizing the valuable combination of LED technology with a hands free headlamp construction, the brothers went to work, choosing the highest quality materials to construct their products, then thoroughly testing them against a variety of conditions to bring the best headlamps and bicycle LED lights to the market. Certified for safe use (CE & RoHM), the user friendly Shining Buddy was launched in 2014.


We are passionate about providing a variety of options for outdoor enthusiasts. At this time, Shining Buddy offers 12 different products through our user-friendly website. These products include:

Our Products 


 Headlamps: Six different designs offer a choice of 110, 130, or 160 Lumens in a variety of colors and designs.




Bicycle LED lights: Sold in sets of front and rear mount lights or stand alone headlights and rear lights. Choose from cell powered or USB and rechargeable battery powered lights.



Since all of our products come with batteries, they are ready to use right out of the box! We provide high quality Duracell brand batteries for all of our battery operated lights to ensure customers get long lasting power while enjoying our products.

Social Proof

Since its launch in 2014, Shining Buddy has sold more than 40,000 products in the USA alone. In 2016, we plan to double that number. What started as an inspired idea has developed into a customer focused brand that allows active individuals around the world to do what they love most. Your safety and satisfaction is at the heart of every product we create, and will continue to be our focus as we look forward to bringing you even more great products in the future.

We love hearing from customers like you! Please check out the bottom of this page in the “What people are saying about us” section to see what other customers are saying about our products.

From time to time we get endorsements we can’t help but share. Check out this video review of our HL-101 headlamp from SkipperT who has a famous Youtube channel about outdoor gear. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!



 If any of Shining Buddy’s products have provided you with a great outdoor experience, we would love to hear from you!