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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Are batteries included?

A. Most of our products do come with batteries.

Q.Where do the items ship from?

A. Our products ship from our warehouse in Florida.

Q. How long will it take to get my Shining Buddy light?

A. Orders typically ship within 24 hours via the US Postal Service for standard shipping. After your order leaves the warehouse, allow up to 3 to 5 business days for your LED light to arrive. We also offer Expedite and Priority shipping.

Q. Will the headlamp adjust to fit small children?

A. Yes, the strap on the Shining Buddy is adjustable and stretchy, allowing a customized  fit for any size head (even an infant).

QWill the headlamp fit over a hard hat?

A. Yes, the band is very adjustable and stretchy

QHow much does the headlamp weigh with batteries?

A. 2.6 Oz.

Q. Is the headlamp angle adjustable?

A. The lamp head swivels down 45 degrees.

QHow long do the batteries last on the headlamp.

A.  The headlamp comes with 3 AAA "Procell" by "Duracell" batteries that will last approximate 12 Hrs. of continuous usage and double that for regular usage.

Q. How does the headlamp work for reading?

A. Good, bright light! You will enjoy using our lightweight lamp for reading.

QWill these fit on a children's razor scooter? (Bicycle LED lights safety set)

A. Even though our safety lights are designed to fit on the handlebars of a bike, they will fit  on the handlebar of the razor scooter as well. 

QCan we change the batteries when they go dead. Also can it be used as a torch light for the bike so we can ride in the dark. (Bicycle LED lights safety set)

A. Yes, you can change the batteries. Each light is powered by two CR2032 batteries. The light set is specifically designed for visibility, not as a main source of night illumination.


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